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    1. My first question comes from an anonymous embarrassed source through my sister, but it's a very good one.

      Kefir is a very healthy, nutrient dense, drinkable yogurt you can make right at home with milk you buy at the store, or get fresh from your own cow or goat.

      Legend has it that kefir grains were handed down to Abraham by an angel of the Lord as a gift to help keep Abraham, Sarah, and all his household healthy as they wandered and traveled about on their way to the promised land.

      Kefir grains are living, rice grain to jellybean sized, rubbery globs that have anywhere between 13 to 150 types of beneficial, good for your stomach, bacteria and yeasts that, by the tablespoon, can transform a quart of milk into tasty drinkable yogurt in only 24 hours.

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