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As a happily married kefir-culturist, and mother of three young children ranging in age from adorable teething toddler to almost fully-toothed kindergartner, life as a stay-at-home mom hardly ever holds a dull moment. My two year old daughter Anna, four year old daughter Abigail, and five year old  son David, and I have fun in-between our few hours spent on reading and math readiness working together on fun projects like learning how to make homemade cream cheese and sour cream from freshly made kefir, exploring the yard to identify all of the new potentially edible weeds we can find, and harvesting kefir grains to share, sale, or trade.

This year our family started homeschooling in earnest, with my five and a half year old son starting to learn how to read using a mix of "Bob's Books" and hooked-on-phonics readers, and my four year old daughter testing and expanding her knowledge with "Amanda Panda's Quizzer for four and five year olds." For other subjects, such as math, we've found some really fun use-and-toss curriculum at our always affordable local dollar-tree. We are trying to get down a regular routine and schedule, which is something I'm not naturally gifted at for some reason. But, I have found many useful homeschooling and homemaking sites out there that now provide plenty of free templates and printables for scheduling that I have taken much successful advantage of, and would love to share with you all very soon.

What helps you get a routine decided on for homeschooling your kids? Is there a sure-fire winner curriculum that you've found fun and useful, or better yet, to be very affordable? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Nothing beats your local dollar tree for affordable reading, math, and writing curriculum and learning toys...just make sure none of it goes into your toddler's mouths while your teaching the older kids. Most items from the dollar tree are not non-toxic.